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This blog is a culmination of my ideas, thoughts, and opinions on tabletop role-playing games and other topics such as programming.

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I also do not like "owning" ideas or expressions. Every bit of content I create and share on this blog is meant to be used and remixed and shared by people. Anyone found copying my content without permission will be a good friend of mine. For those that seek permission, my content is available to you under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

Who is Sean?

I am Sean! A half-Filipino self-taught software engineer who enjoys programming, role-playing games, and has some strong opinions on things. I play a few instruments like guitar and piano that I also taught myself how to play. I love the game of football (Sometimes called American football). My favorite team is the Los Angeles Chargers. You can find me tooting on the dice.camp Mastodon server here: @sean@dice.camp.

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